Parental Alienation by Family Support Agencies

There is a wide variety of family support agencies and charities, each offering a different area of expertise, such as mediation, parenting skills, or child psychology.

Working with highly challenging family issues, their involvement has varying success, however, it is when they are asked to provide an expert assessment that they can most influence Parental Alienation.

According to the Ministry of Justice, at least one expert is used in every public family law case in England and Wales. However, in 2012, a forensic evaluation of expert witness psychological reports, funded by the Family Justice Council (FJC), exposed that 1 in 5 psychologists were not qualified to provide a psychological opinion, around a third had no experience of mental health assessments, and almost no expert witnesses actually maintained a clinical practice.

It provoked a Channel 4 News investigation which went on to uncover serious areas of concern with psychiatrists, paediatricians, play therapists, and others providing expert services to the family courts.