Parental Alienation by Schools and Nurseries

“If it can be shown that a professional acted in accordance with the views of a reputable body of opinion within their profession, the duty of care will have been satisfied, even though others may disagree.” National Union of Teachers

Schools and nurseries are often ill-informed when it comes to parental rights and will invariably defer to the parent deemed to be the ‘primary carer’. Despite not being responsible for dealing with family conflicts or allegations, they can be easily manipulated to aid Parental Alienation.

As there is currently no clear legislation regarding parental contact issues, a simple allegation from an alienating parent is sufficient to coerce them into preventing the accused parent access to their child. Even when in possession of legal documents establishing parental responsibility they will break the law in the mistaken belief that they are upholding their duty of care.

Schools do have a responsibility to refer cases to Social Services and the Police, the result of which is highly likely to assist the alienating parent and contravene the duty of care.