Parental Alienation by the Police

The police do not get involved in contact disputes unless they believe there is concern for the child’s welfare. If it is reported that a father is preventing contact, the police are highly likely to treat the matter as abduction. However, in cases where a mother takes the child, they will invariably insist that it is a matter for the family courts. Even if they can be convinced to make a house visit, an alienated child is likely to appear happy with his/her abuser, satisfying any official concerns.

The police record all reports of domestic abuse, even if they do not investigate them. It is entirely possible for a man to have a series of completely unfounded domestic abuse allegations made against him and be totally unaware of their existence. The police will not delete these records, even if they are proved unfounded, since they correctly report allegations that have been made. However, when an incident, such as a contact dispute occurs, a quick record check gives an erroneous impression of an habitual domestic abuser.

Furthermore, when called to a contact dispute in, for example, a school or nursery, they will invariably hand the child over to whichever parent is designated the ‘primary carer’. They will then refer the matter to Social Services, leaving the child with the alienating parent indefinitely.