PA Awareness Map

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What is Parental Alienation?

One parent systematically indoctrinates their child.

How does Parental Alienation work?

The alienating parent conveys a three-part message to the child.

How is Parental Alienation Child Abuse?

Psychological abuse can seriously damage a child’s emotional health.

Why does Parental Alienation happen?

Common reasons can be described in two categories.

Why hasn’t Parental Alienation been stopped yet?

Influential people are unwilling to criminalise Parental Alienation.

Who are the Professionals?

The involved professionals are:

Parental Alienation by Solicitors and Advisors

Their function is to win, regardless of the outcome for the child.

Parental Alienation by the Family Courts

The ruling is determined by Cafcass so the judge avoids culpability.

Parental Alienation by Cafcass

The Cafcass officer is effectively judge and jury.

Parental Alienation by Social Services

The child protection services are in crisis.

Parental Alienation by Family Support Agencies

1 in 5 psychologists are not qualified to provide an expert opinion.

Parental Alienation by the Police

They will leave the child with the alienating parent indefinitely.

Parental Alienation by the Government

We have a massive problem in the family justice system.

Parental Alienation by Schools and Nurseries

Even when in possession of legal documents they will break the law.

Parental Alienation by Family, Friends and Neighbours

Friends may not realise they are being manipulated by the abuser.

The Effect on Children

Parental alienation is emotional abuse associated with life-long damage.

The Effect on Parents

‘Non-resident’ parents are almost three times as likely to die early.

Common Behaviours

Using the child as ransom to blackmail the other parent.

The Future…

There is a better way.

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